Cycle 11!! We Build Better Models…

Hell yes you do TyraBot, AlphaJ, and BetaJay! Season 11 has premiered one hell of an awesome and satisfying episode. First off, the Alpha/Beta J’s haircuts. I felt like I was watching a Street Fighter character or something for BetaJay with a splash of Elvis. Loved the silver blonde bowl cut on AlphaJ cause the fro was getting old. The whole people from the future/technology theme was fierce and worked well and also kind of explains TyraBot’s haircut. [I love the damn nicknames so much I don't want to stop using them but I should. Maybe next time.] The body scan of the girls was cute and so was TBots entrance. Keep reading »

America’s Next Top Model (Whitney) in Seventeen Magazine

whitney-antm-cover-dk0708-medium Guess what ANTM fans? This month, Whitney Thompson, this season’s new top model, is on the cover of Seventeen magazine!

Besides looking absolutely fantabulicious, Whitney talks to Seventeen about the competition, being the first full-figured winner, and her plans for the future.

You can grab the July issue of Seventeen, which is now on newsstands (or your favorite conglomo-chain/grocery store), or visit for more on Whitney.

Here’s The Deal

Well, it’s been a year since this site has seen any love (sry), but that’s changing. No, we didn’t fall out of love with Tyra or the top models or the show — in fact, we watch it religiously each week — we just couldn’t find the time to properly write about it.

But, after the recent “meat episode” we were inundated by hate mail from people who don’t understand the meaning of a fan site and couldn’t quite comprehend that we had nothing to do with that episode nor could we do anything about it and they just wasted 10 minutes of their life even writing us an e-mail.

Hmm, guess that wasn’t a complete waste of time because it did rouse us (and this site by proxy) from our slumber and you can expect to see episode commentary here beginning next week with the Cycle 10 season finale. Also, we’re going to try and get some of the previous episode recaps up as well. That’s a tall order and it will take some time, so be patient.

On another note, if you’re a fan of the show and would like to help out, just get in touch. After a bit of back and forth, and we’re sure you’re not an undercover hate mail sender, we’ll get you set up with a publishing account.

That is all. You may now return to whatever it was you were doing before you stopped to read this.

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