Interview with Cycle 7 Twins, Amanda and Michelle

You remember the twins from cycle 7, right? They were the polar opposites of each other when it came down to modeling. One had a natural way with the camera without even trying, while the other tried desperately hard, wanted to win more than anything else, but had a tough time when it came down to the wire. Well, that cycle showed that desire and determination is worth something. Now, both girls are speaking out in an interview.

BuddyTV: What was it like competing against each other on the show?

Michelle: It was cool. I mean we weren’t alone on there. We got to have somebody with us so if we were upset or something, we had somebody to turn to unlike the other girls. But also, we had somebody to worry about and that was kind of a challenge as well.


The interview is an interesting read and can shed some light into the Amanda and Michelle mentality.  According to the interview, it looks as though the girls haven’t been signed to an agency yet, but they are currently attending school. Yay for education; this is a tough business, so it’s good to have something to fall back on.

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6 Comments on Interview with Cycle 7 Twins, Amanda and Michelle

  1. e Says:

    I hope that Michelle Babin sees this as i am a big fan of hers. i am writing from the United Kingdom (UK) to say that season 7 of antm has just finished and i have been trying to find a way of telling Michelle how much confidence she has given me. When she ‘came out’, i thought that was great and she gave me the confidence to tell people about myself. Iam 19 at the moment and have always been an outcast, but now, i am finally telling people about myself. i told my sister that i was bisexual and she is really proud of my for telling her. i just want to say to Michelle Babin, thankyou, you gave me so much confidence. thankyou. you are amazing and if i could just say again. Thankyou Michelle, you are truly a lovely person and all of your friends are lucky to have you.

    from E xx

  2. z Says:

    i loved u and your sister on the show, and also from the UK wanting 2 know if you hav a myspace or site so i can congratulate u on coming out even on TV. U showed me that u can come out so openly n i admire u 4 that because ive been questioning my sexual orientation too for so long. so i hope u do well in college and hope u make a site so people like me can ask u personally about your experiences and opinions! Please respond!

  3. XXX Says:

    I’m from Indonesia, and I really really really love Michelle. Although I’m not gay, I’m very proud of her for coming out. Michelle, you rock!!

  4. twins fan.. Says:

    Is it true that one of the sisters is gay??

    Kisz me..

  5. heather Says:

    I loved the twins and how well they looked togeather.I think if michelle haden’t left perhaps shed have won.I love the edgier looking models.I was so impressed with her courage to come out on tv and to sacrifice herself for her sister I was truly sad to see her go.hopefully someone will find them maybe janice?

  6. maya Says:

    yeah. The twins are awsome. It takes allot of guts to say that on t.v let alone to friends or family. I am really proud of Michelle cause it isn’t easy saying to you’re parents.

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