Another Interview With Whitney

It seems that after being eliminated last week, Whitney is receiving a lot of love. In this interview with Whitney, it reveals some interesting information about the plus size woman.

This full figured beauty is not so big after all. Whitney stands 5 feet ten inches tall, weighing 165 pounds and she is a size 8. Whitney says she represents the average size woman.

Reality TV Magazine

Wow. 5’10″, 165 pounds, and size 8? In which reality is that information correct? Those figures have to be doctored. At 5’11″ and 160 pounds, that would be roughly pant size 9/10 and a slender look (off-camera). Whitney looks to be at least a dress size 12/14, which, by the way, would be a true plus size woman. But, before we get too far off-topic, read the interview. It’s entertaining.

4 Comments on Another Interview With Whitney

  1. Meg Says:

    Whitney you are like my idol you should have won cuz your gogeous.

  2. frankie Says:


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  3. Amber Says:

    I’m 5’9″ 160 and a 10/12
    I think Whitney is probably about the same size as I am.

  4. Zoey Says:

    omg, whitney should have won! She is soooo amazingggg. She is my idol too.

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