Yanks Down Under – America’s Next Top Model Weekly Recap

The land of kangaroos and koala bears was invaded by yank models in this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. When the models found out, as you may expect, each of them were excited.

I Wanna Talk Good

April, cycle 2, made a stunning return (we’ve always had a soft spot for April and her pragmatic ways) in order to teach the girls how to be poised interviewers. Of course, some girls needed more help than others — Jaslene, we’re talking about you. If you wanna talk good, you should probably learn how to use proper English semantics and grammar; the correct phrase would be I want to speak well.

This episode certainly did not disappoint when Jael and Dionne were paired together for an interview. We know the other girls had their interviews as well, but it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the chemistry going on between Jael and Dionne. The fur went flying when Jael more than insinuated that Dionne may just be going home. Of course, Jael was one to talk especially when she was in the final two just one week prior.

Almost as an afterthought, April decided to mention that one important thing to remember when being a correspondent is not to be combative. (It probably should have crossed her mind to mention it earlier considering that she was dealing with a house full of catty women all vying for the same prize. But, hindsight is 20/20.)

G’day Mate

After cooling off with a nice dip in the pool, the girls were bombarded by a bouncing jackolope on crack Tyra in a kangaroo costume the next morning. The best part was watching the fact that the girls were going to Australia finally dawn on Natasha who then started squealing at the top of her lungs.

If Natasha doesn’t make it to the next top model, she would make an amazing “dying girl number 2″ in a B-rated horror movie. Then, we had to forgive her for that display after she said “some people are crazy about the Tibet.” The Tibet? How cute is that with her sweet, innocent Russian accent?

Upon arriving in the land down under, they were greeted by Erika Heynatz, the host of Australia’s Next Top Model, welcoming them and then sending them off to chew the fat with some of the locals…in their native tongue. Each girl was given a leaflet with some common Aussie slang terms and the girls were told they needed to conduct interviews with random strangers and use as much Aussie twang as possible.

In case you missed some of the words (some of which may seem quite odd to us yanks):

  • yank – an American
  • thong – (not what you’re thinking) flipflop sandals
  • cactus – dead, or not talkative
  • ear bashing – nagging
  • dag – a funny person
  • exy – expensive
  • daks – boxers (We really can’t believe the drag queen Jaslene really asked that man to show her his daks…and that he actually did.)
  • crack on – hit on (i.e. making a pass at someone.)
  • avro – afternoon

Dionne bombed with not a single phrase used, though she was racking up some points on the “that’s cool”-o-meter. Even with English being her second language, Natasha was on fire using ever conceivable idiom she could remember. And the rest of the girls were, well, the rest of the girls.

Lights, Camera, Cover Girl

After harassing the locals, it was time for the girls to shoot a commercial for Cover Girl cosmetics with an Aussie accent. Almost immediately, Brittany began complaining. Our hearts break for her, but she really needs to STFU already.

Since the beginning, she’s been complaining about one thing or another. First, she has a tummy ache, then her hair’s itchy because of the dead animal sewed onto her head, and now it’s her scull getting cracked open after being hit by a car when she was 17 which causes short term memory loss.

Everyone has a sob story, but when you tell every person you meet about it, you’re just fishing for sympathy. Ms. J said it best when he told her the industry “has no sympathy or empathy.” Deal with it.

Natasha did an amazing job and had the best Russian/Aussie accent we’ve ever heard.

Renee started off strong with a nice accent, but eventually needed to bring out the cue cards. But, surprisingly, the judges ripped her apart for channeling the spirit of Steve Irwin in her performance (and not in a good way).

Jaslene’s accent sucked, but at least she nailed it within 6 takes and didn’t even need the cue cards. Nice job.

Jael looked as if she was on something and we’re not talking about a chair ladder. The smile she flashed at the end of her performance was frightening enough to make us jump out of the sofa.

Someone’s Gotta Go

It’s inevitable, but someone has to go home and thankfully it wasn’t Natasha, who did a smashing job this week and won a spot as a regular correspondent for the Tyra Show (does anyone actually watch that show?).

The final two came down to Jael, who declared moments before that she wasn’t finished spreading her joy to the universe, and Brittany. While we were rooting for Brittany to get the boot, we understand why the judges did what they did.

Jael simply isn’t articulate (plus, she seems like a burnout) and that is one quality a model, who will most likely be doing commercials for Cover Girl, will need to be successful. We’re sure she can make a career as a catalog model or something.

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One Comment on Yanks Down Under – America’s Next Top Model Weekly Recap

  1. Hannah Says:

    I know this was ages ago, but I am Australian – and I have to say that it’s “arvo” not “avro” – you would never hear any Australian saying avro. It doesn’t make any sense – arvo it’s a shortened version of afternoon, meaning the r is before the v as ‘vo’ is just a suffix added, whereas the r is actually within afternoon and makes the slang sound similar to the actual word.

    And absolutely no one says “exy” for expensive.

    Though everything else, particularly arvo, is common.

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