Cycle 11!! We Build Better Models…

Hell yes you do TyraBot, AlphaJ, and BetaJay! Season 11 has premiered one hell of an awesome and satisfying episode. First off, the Alpha/Beta J’s haircuts. I felt like I was watching a Street Fighter character or something for BetaJay with a splash of Elvis. Loved the silver blonde bowl cut on AlphaJ cause the fro was getting old. The whole people from the future/technology theme was fierce and worked well and also kind of explains TyraBot’s haircut. [I love the damn nicknames so much I don't want to stop using them but I should. Maybe next time.] The body scan of the girls was cute and so was TBots entrance.

So the season starts off in LA with the fromthefuture J’s and Tbot. The studio is all sleek and white and clean. The girls get the cut down from 33 to 20 girls by getting their hand scanned to see if access if granted or denied. Blah Blah. The girls do a photo shoot and we get to know some of them. Already I absolutely hate Kacey. She tells a stupid story about she ditched her white friends because they swam to much and didn’t understand her hair. She made rude comments about Isis and was just generally a cocky bitch. Alot of the girls were pretty rude after finding out Isis was born a man and living as a woman without the actual operation. Sheena was supportive. If I was them, I would shut the fuck up because obviously Tyra saw something and wanted her in. The last time Tyra did this, Saleisha won the whole damn thing, so it’s not a random act of charity. More eliminations and TBot and the Jays do not disappoint and cut the dumb bitch Kacey. So we have the final 14. Also there was some Harvard grad named Susan who had a weird crotch and big teeth and was dumb as bricks and was thankfully cut.

Final 14

Sheena aka Ki-Sheena (thanks AlphaJ): she looks like baby kimora and reminds me of a nice Jade. confident but not a psycho. Also loved that she said “thank You Mama” to Tbot.
Elina: was ew for me at first but has possibilities. losbeina vegan who likes to make girls ‘convert’ for fun.
Brittany B(who becomes ShaRaun): couldn’t name 5 fashion designers? IAlso, way too cocky.
Analeigh: smart and her Saudi Arabia story was funny and she had good legs!
Isis: pretty, smart but where does she tuck it?? will go far because she has model sense and takes a hell of a pictures. pretty awesome she was in last years first photo shoot.
Marjorie: cute for 0.2 seconds and now I want to kill her. her voice, shaking body, stuttering, she is on my nerves already. french and too damn nervous and akward. fiecre picture though.
Samantha:80′s mall but cute and sweet. will get halfway through. bubbly attitude and funny.

Nikeysha: losing confidence fast, super skinny, bottom 2.

Joselyn: determination, nose is weird but in pictures fabulous
Clark: (girl below) Bitch. Thin upper lip. Blake lively look alike.

Brittany R: versatile looks. non memorable.
Brittany S/Mckey: Annoying. Your from Lake Forest. Shut up, you are no tomboy hick and your mouth/funny smile is
more annoying then Katie Holmes.
Hannah: Annoying as fuck. We get it. You’re from Alaska. Shut up.
Lauren Brie: (below) reminds me of Sara. some potential. Nigel loves the high forehead. cute.

Okay. So they get to the awesome house after a ride in their awesome eco friendly bus. The most annoying this is, earlier Elina had mentioned thinking Clark was attractive and that apparently doesn’t bother Clark but Isis being in the house and making no advances makes Clark uncomfortable. As she puts it, in the south, Isis would be shot. Real classy. How is she bothered by that when another girl is trying to make her switch teams? Jumping on her hate bandwagon is Hyperass Hannah who is as annoying as last years Amis. WE GET IT, YOU’RE FROM A SMALL TOWN IN ALASKA, SHUT UP!!! She’s against Isis and apparently so is ShaRuan. The other girls seem okay about it so far. Mckey finds Isis brave and like a “butterfly”.

Photoshoot about voting and issues. ShaRuan sucks and so does Clark with her dead eyes. Hello after ten cycles, even my dog Bella has learned the Tyra “smile with your eyes” look. During the shoot for Isis, ShaRuan is a total bitch and makes some nasty comments but Isis rocks out and gets a great shot. More hot photos from the rest blah blah.

Oh I forgot there was also a part in the episode where the girls got sitdown time with the judges individually. Marjorie was asked by Nigel who her favorite photographer was and she was stumped and after like 5 minutes finally half answers/half asks “you?” (meaning nigel).

The judging goes down. The girl who gets called first gets her pictures up all week on the digital screen apparently. They have decided and even though they call miss nervous/Marjorie first, in the end they get rid of ShaRuan thank god and she cries and deserves it! I was sure I would be stuck with ShaRuan or Kacey for a few episodes who were more annoying then Fake B from last season. Overall this was an A+ awesome episode and has me psyched for this season!

2 Comments on Cycle 11!! We Build Better Models…

  1. Anna V. Says:

    WTF!!! Hannah is absolutely the WORST person to represent Alaska for ANTM!!! It’s becasue of people like her that people think we live in F’N igloos!! There is electricity, we have running water, Black people and just about everything else that any other city has. She needs to stop F’N crying and talkin all that nonsense that she keeps talkin!!! UGH!!

  2. Krista Says:

    I enjoyed your recap. This is my first year watching ANTM because Clark modeled in my fashion show in March. I agree that she’s quite bitchy on the show but she rocked every outfit for me at Charleston Fashion Week and for that I will be eternally grateful.

    I’m looking forward to more recaps!

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