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Text Link Ads

Text link ads are ads which provide a clear link to the advertiser’s website. There are two options for text link advertising on the ANTM Blog.

The first option is in the far right sidebar above the credits section. Only 4 slots are available and these text links will only be visible on non-permalink pages.

The second option is on the permalink pages in between the post content and comments section. A total of four slots will be available.

Anchor text can be up to four words. All sites must be pre-approved before being added to the site. ANTM Blog will not link out to any sites which it deems to be a “bad neighborhood” (i.e. Made for AdSense, splogs, adult, illegal, gambling, pharmaceutical, or hate related websites).

There are three options available for banner advertising on ANTM Blog. The first option is above the website header and the banner can be up to 768 pixels wide and 90 pixels high.

The second banner advertising option is above the two right columns. These banners may be up to 336 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

The final banner advertising option is on the individual permalink pages between the content and comments section. The banner will appear just below the text link adverts. The banner may be up to 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.

A sponsored post is a blog entry dedicated to the advertiser’s product. Each sponsored post can be up to 100 words with up to two text links and one image*. Sponsored posts are clearly labeled as sponsored posts and will remain active for a period of 45 days.

Advertisers may provide the copy for their sponsored posts, but all copy must be pre-approved by ANTM Blog. Alternatively, ANTM Blog can provide the copy for the sponsored post, however, there will be an additional charge of $30.

* The image must be less than 525 pixels wide and under 50kb, otherwise the image will not be used.

Custom Ads

If you don’t see an advertising option that suits you, then we may be able to work out a custom advertising solution for you. Please use the contact form to discuss a custom solution.

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