Top Model Judges Unedited

Top Model Judges

Tyra has a “Top Model” reunion when she invites judges Paulina Porizkova and Nigel Barker to the talk show. First, she sits down with Paulina to discuss her tumultuous childhood, her true feelings about modeling and how she experimented with drugs during her career.

Nigel joins them to talk about how his modeling led to his career as a fashion photographer, how he feels about being a sex symbol and his most crazy encounter with a fan. Then, viewers who are aspiring to be models walk Tyra’s runway and receive brutally honest advice from the judges about their future in modeling.

This is an extremely interesting edition of the show, and should not be missed by any Top Model fans! Top Model Judges Unedited gives a unique insight into how each of the judges go to where they are today within the world of modeling. This brilliant episode is certainly one which any Tyra fans will want to watch again and again.

The judges also give modeling tips that can help everyone in real life.

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America’s Next Top Model Weekly Recap — It Was The Taxi Driver’s Fault

ANTM once again returned us to the regular tumultuous programming that we’ve all grown accustomed to, instead of the nostalgic look at episodes past that was on last week. (Hooray.)

And this week, they even gave us an extra special treat: the day we’ve all been waiting for since the season began.

This week’s episode started with Dionne making a very astute observation about Brittany: Brittany’s a bullsh*tter. Like we already didn’t know that, but Dionne helps clear it up for the slow kids by explaining that Brittany knew her lines perfectly when she had to put on a performance with Efren, but turned on the water works and made excuses when it was time to make a Cover Girl commercial.

We think Brittany just has selective short term memory loss — she selects when she wants sympathy from it. Keep reading »

Yanks Down Under – America’s Next Top Model Weekly Recap

The land of kangaroos and koala bears was invaded by yank models in this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model. When the models found out, as you may expect, each of them were excited.

I Wanna Talk Good

April, cycle 2, made a stunning return (we’ve always had a soft spot for April and her pragmatic ways) in order to teach the girls how to be poised interviewers. Of course, some girls needed more help than others — Jaslene, we’re talking about you. If you wanna talk good, you should probably learn how to use proper English semantics and grammar; the correct phrase would be I want to speak well.

This episode certainly did not disappoint when Jael and Dionne were paired together for an interview. We know the other girls had their interviews as well, but it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the chemistry going on between Jael and Dionne. The fur went flying when Jael more than insinuated that Dionne may just be going home. Of course, Jael was one to talk especially when she was in the final two just one week prior. Keep reading »

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