Interview with Cycle 7 Twins, Amanda and Michelle

You remember the twins from cycle 7, right? They were the polar opposites of each other when it came down to modeling. One had a natural way with the camera without even trying, while the other tried desperately hard, wanted to win more than anything else, but had a tough time when it came down to the wire. Well, that cycle showed that desire and determination is worth something. Now, both girls are speaking out in an interview.

BuddyTV: What was it like competing against each other on the show?

Michelle: It was cool. I mean we weren’t alone on there. We got to have somebody with us so if we were upset or something, we had somebody to turn to unlike the other girls. But also, we had somebody to worry about and that was kind of a challenge as well.


The interview is an interesting read and can shed some light into the Amanda and Michelle mentality.  According to the interview, it looks as though the girls haven’t been signed to an agency yet, but they are currently attending school. Yay for education; this is a tough business, so it’s good to have something to fall back on.

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Another Interview With Whitney

It seems that after being eliminated last week, Whitney is receiving a lot of love. In this interview with Whitney, it reveals some interesting information about the plus size woman.

This full figured beauty is not so big after all. Whitney stands 5 feet ten inches tall, weighing 165 pounds and she is a size 8. Whitney says she represents the average size woman.

Reality TV Magazine

Wow. 5’10″, 165 pounds, and size 8? In which reality is that information correct? Those figures have to be doctored. At 5’11″ and 160 pounds, that would be roughly pant size 9/10 and a slender look (off-camera). Whitney looks to be at least a dress size 12/14, which, by the way, would be a true plus size woman. But, before we get too far off-topic, read the interview. It’s entertaining.

Model Expectations

It’s almost time for another episode of America’s Next Top Model, and we’re excited: the girls are going down under! Brief commercial snippets and a short paragraph on the site tell us that the remaining six girls will be traveling to the land of kangaroos and koala bears — Australia. How amazing will that be for them?

April Wilkner, cycle 2, will be making a guest appearance to help the girl hone their hosting skills and will then set them loose on the Aussie population to test these newfound skills. After what is sure to be a hilarious time interviewing the locals, the girls will then be filming a Cover Girl commercial.

To catch a preview of tonight’s episode, view the commercial at YouTube.

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